Państwowa Szkoła Muzyczna I i II st.
im. F. Chopina w Nowym Sączu


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Nowosądecka Mała Galeria

Muzeum Okręgowe w Nowym Sączu

Centrum Kultury i Sztuki im. Ady Sari w Starym Sączu

Pijalnia Artystyczna w Piwnicznej-Zdroju

Lubovnianskie Muzeum Hrad v Starej L'ubovni (Słowacja)

Uniwersytet Muzyczny Fryderyka Chopina w Warszawie

Małopolskie Centrum Kultury "Sokół" w Nowym Sączu

Ośrodek Konferencyjno – Wystawienniczy Kasztel w Szymbarku

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Parafia pw. Matki Bożej Nieustającej Pomocy w Uściu Gorlickim

Parafia pw. Św. Józefa Oblubieńca NMP w Sękowej


The course takes place in two parts:

I part 15.07 – 24.07.2019

II part 25.07 – 03.08.2019


The course is addressed to students and teachers of 1st and 2nd level music schools, students and graduates of music academies and conservatories from around the world.


The offer of the course includes:

-  individual classes, during which elements of instrumental and vocal workshops are implemented, including correction of the apparatus

-  course of interpretation of selected works from different historical periods for instrumentalists and vocalists conducted as typical instrumental classes, during which the participants improve their work on elements of the style of the performed works

-  course in the form of individual master classes for students and graduates preparing for national and international competitions and for contest winners, during which the participants perfect interpretation of works, style and virtuosity

-  the chamber music course for existing bands and bands created during the course (also with the participation of professors)

-  the course of performing a'vista as an indispensable element of music education and preparation for solo and team work – as an individual or group classes

-  orchestral course for musicians preparing to work in the orchestra

-  practical training in the orchestra - preparing and performing the concert

-  interpretation course for piano duos preparing for competitions and for competition winners

-  jazz workshops (details below)

-  musical education for children - classes addressed to children aged 5 - 7 years (details below)

-  methodological course for teachers at various levels of teaching in the form of observation of classes, individual consultations, lectures, conversations with the lecturer aimed at solving current methodical difficulties;



Classes are conducted in the following specialties:

- piano
- singing
- violin
- viola
- cello
- bass
- accordion
- flute / piccolo flute
- clarinet
- saxophone
- trumpet
- guitar
- jazz improvisation, jazz combo
- orchestral studies



Jazz workshops

Include 30-minute instrumental individual classes accompanied by the rhythm section. After lunch, classes will be divided into two blocks (in group) after 2.5 hours:

1. playing combo (depending on the number of instruments - playing in a big band)

2. theoretical part - jazz harmony

All participants can participate in both blocks.



Musical education for children

Detailed program in preparation.