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Maria Niemira



Maria Niemira graduated from the Frederic Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw, Poland, in the piano class of Prof. Maria Wiłkomirska.

She participated in Piano Master Courses in Weimar training under the supervision of Prof. Helene Boschi (Strasbourg) and Prof. Guido Agosti (Rome).

She has started her pedagogical career at Henryk Wieniawski’s College of Music, in Warsaw, and at Teachers\' College No. 2, at the Faculty of Music, for which she created a piano teaching syllabus.

M. Niemira also worked with the Warsaw Music Society and has performed in concerts as a soloist and chamber musician.

She has taught piano at the Department of Early Learning, Faculty of Music, at the University of Warsaw and at the Karol Szymanowski’s Primary and Secondary School of Music (presently, Karol Szymanowki’s School of Music No.4), where she worked as a Certified Diploma teacher.

She participated in the proceedings of the Committee appointed by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts and leading to the correction of the curriculum in music education at the primary and secondary level of schooling.

She supervised teaching practices for students of the Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw from the Departments of Piano, Harpsichord and Organ.

She has given lectures on piano teaching methodology and has conducted demonstration piano lessons in numerous Polish music schools across the country and during International Music Interpretation Courses in Nowy Sącz, Jarocin, Inowrocław, Toruń and Kielce as well as in Lech Miklaszewski’s Consulting Center in Warsaw.

Her students have won top places at various piano competitions in Poland and abroad. She has received numerous awards for her teaching work.

M. Niemira is the author of "Acquiring, Mastering and Maintaining Piano Technique" (3rd edition in Polish), a book containing instructions and guidance of the greatest piano masters, among them: J.S. Bach, F. Chopin, H. Neuhaus, and F. Liszt. To facilitate the implementation of these instructions, she invented a training practice and created short on-and-off keyboard exercises for hands and fingers, which, if practiced properly just for a few minutes every day, help prepare hands and fingers to consciously work while practicing music repertoires. These exercises, outlined in the book, are designed for musicians of all ages: for children in pre-school, for students of elementary and high schools as well as more advanced Music Conservatory students and teachers playing various instruments. Daily practice provides complete freedom of hand movement, from the shoulder joint to the tips of the fingers, giving fingers skillfulness, strength, independence and speed while making finger-tips very sensitive so as to have a decisive influence over sound quality. In addition, these exercises shorten the time needed to master the musical repertoire and also prevent hand pain, occupational diseases and degenerative joint diseases in advanced age. Well-prepared hands and fingers can extract a variety of beautiful, soulful and tender sounds regardless of the instrument played by the artist.